A Comparative Study of Acrylic-Metal and Canvas Prints

If not other places but at least your home decoration should be an enjoyable activity that represents your style, personality, choice, creativity and sentiment. Decorating your home with photoprint is one such creative choice which turns your home into an artistic dwelling space. However, there are various methods or types of photoprints to choose namely acrylic prints, metal prints and canvas prints. Each of the three different types of prints has their own speciality, beauty and durability. Similarly, none of them is new rather all three have been in use since ancient times to preserve the photos of special moments of people across the world. If you are interested in some photoprint towards your home décor you should have a comparative knowledge of acrylic prints, metal prints and canvas prints before choosing one for your home décor and preserving your precious photos.

The acrylic prints are the modern and most popular form of photoprint décor opted worldwide in the contemporary period. Your precious photos of special moments of life are printed directly on optically clear museum-quality acrylic to display your photo in a trendy way. The acrylic glass refracts the light providing your photo depth and substance. The back of the acrylic print is normally protected by a white coating of UV curable ink. The acrylic print gives aglass like vibrant colour. You can either choose your personal photos or any other images for acrylic printing.

The metal prints more shiny, sleek and luminous. This looks more like an artwork than a printing. In metal prints, your photos are infused to metal or preferably an aluminium panel and given a rounded edge and glossy coating for a polished and smooth finishing. Often people prefer metal prints for their family photos or photos of special moments to be preserved through metal printing. Metal printing is more durable and rich in colour and crisp detail.

The canvas printing transforms your photo into an artwork which is directly printed to a canvas of cotton or polyester. You can either put your canvas print into a frame or can display by hanging the canvas or preserve it by wrapping it around the canvas. Before the final delivery, the canvas prints are finished with UV light to protect them from cracking and fading. You can choose your canvas print either on cotton canvas or a polyester canvas. Both have their own merits. The cotton canvas is considered durable whereas the polyester more in terms of colour than the cotton.