Advantages of using copper winding wire

It is common to see copper wires in almost every electrical device. Copper winding wires are the most used material in the electrical and electronics industry. The primary advantage of using copper winding wire is safety. This is also the reason for all the electrical and electronic devices manufacturers to use copper winding wire.

Heat resistant, corrosion and conductivity

Because of the heat resistant features, it deals in eliminating most of the issues of overloading. Copper wires resist corrosion. In the process of oxidation, copper producers Patina. But this does not reduce the functionality of the copper. Copper wires can take up a huge load of electrical power when compared to other metals.

Malleable and ductile

These features help in making copper be drawn into thin wires. You can draw a copper as thin as a human hair strand. This is called ductility. The malleability characteristic helps us to use copper and bent it into any form without any breaking. Copper is also used as a thick metal in electrical cable wires. You can also find them as thin strands into the headphone wires.

High melting point

Copper finds its place in various Industries like manufacturing electrical electronic, telecom and marine companies. This is just because of the quality of being high thermal and electrical conductivity. It has a high melting point as well. The melting point of copper is 1084.62 Celsius and the heat that is required to melt copper is 13.2 6 kg per mole.  this quality of being able to withstand high temperatures.



High compatibility

The copper winding wire has high compatibility as it can work easily with other metals. This makes a variety of copper availability possible. You can find the bare copper wire, stranded wire, tinned copper wire and many more.

Less expensive to manufacture

Manufacturing cost can be eternally reduced when copper is included. The need for magnetic Steel, oil and tank becomes very less when copper is used in the manufacturing process. It can easily manufacture the specified energy and better performance.

Value of copper scrap

It increases recycling and recovery because of its high scarp value. It is highly encouraged by the government, environmentalists and conservationists as it helps in saving up the resources. It also paves the way to a circular economy.

Copper reacts less with water

Copper is used in Marine industries as it less reacts with water. Water can find its way anywhere through the narrow cables. Whenever the possibility arises for a pressure to build inside the cable, it may lead to failure of the product and sometimes even destruction.

Other benefits

It has a very low resistivity when compared to aluminium. Very small diameter is always enough for the same amount of current. It gives better contact stability. It withstands the capacity of contact with the other materials. It has good mechanical strength. It does not creep under pressure. It is very useful in cable conduit wiring because of repeated bending.

The above advantages of copper winding wire cannot be overlooked. It is a versatile material catching every customer and business needs.