Agriculture pipes ideally suitable for long term use in sandy and chemical aggressive water

Plumbing systems are used for water supply and various other purposes. Agriculture pipe plays a vital role in the irrigation system. The wide range of agriculture pipes and fittings are available in the market. It helps the farmers to source water from the pond or river and to the farms.

Borewell pipes are used in agriculture for water supply with the help of a submersible pump. Agriculture pipe price starts at Rs.85/- per meter that features with optimum quality and superior finish.

Materials of agriculture pipe

For irrigation and plumbing system in agriculture industries, the pipe types include CVPC PRO, PEX-A PRO, uPVC, GI, HDPE, CVC pipes are widely used. The most commonly used pipes are CPVC plastic pipes that are most favored in these days.

Case well pipes act as a bore well pipe provides extra protection and unique features compared to conventional column pipes. The agriculture pipe price is convenient and available at an affordable cost.

Benefits of Borewell Pipes

Borewell column pipes are used in agriculture to bring out underground stream water through submersible pumps and these are made of lead-free heavy metals that have unique and convenient features on pipes.

Bore-well pipes undergo stringent testing under critical conditions to meet or exceed the required field. It is more stable in performance and provides a special compound for endurance and durability.

It is 100% hygienic and safe for drinking water. The fertility of the soil flourishes well with this bore well water. Square threads are used for additional strength against a tensile load.

Case-Well pipes come with horizontal slots yield maximum water. Special male-female square threads are provided to ensure better strength and durability.

It enhances the mechanical properties of thick and thin process annealing on pipes. It is free from lead and made with heavy metal duty.

Available Sizes

  • 1” V4, Medium, Standard
  • 1¼” Heavy, Super- Heavy, Eco, Medium, Standard
  • 1½” Heavy, Super- Heavy, Eco, Medium, Standard
  • 2” Heavy, Super- Heavy, Crystal, Medium, Standard
  • 2¼” Super-Heavy
  • 2½”Heavy, Super- Heavy, Medium, Standard
  • 31/2”Heavy, Super- Heavy, Eco, Medium, Standard
  • 3½” Double Heavy
  • 4” Heavy, Super- Heavy, Standard
  • 5” Heavy, Super- Heavy, Medium, Standard
  • 6” Standard, Heavy &Super-Heavy

Main Features

The water rising for submersible and jet pumps for irrigation is ideally suitable for long term use of sandy and chemical aggressive materials. It features with best chemical resistance, high strength, and standard durability.

Agriculture pipe is non-conductive and helps in leak-proof jointing. It is easy to handle, easy to transport and install. Agriculture pipe price varies according to the material and size. As the prices are affordable and the product is easy to transport.

Bore well pipe and submersible pumps are widely used in agriculture system. It offers command able range of pipes in different sizes and respective in fittings. It greatly helps the farmers for getting sufficient water for irrigation that helps to grow crops in a certain time interval. The agriculture pipe price varies according to the size and range.