Architecture Company VS Freelancer Architect

We know you are totally confused at the moment – you have no idea whether hiring an architecture company is going to be more feasible for you or getting a freelancer architect would be a better thing. We know the panicky going on in your mind because you want the best home to be created on the plot you have recently purchased, but this confusion is not letting you take the decision right now.

Honestly, when it comes to architectural designs, the best thing to do is go for the architecture firm, instead of hiring a freelancer architect.

No doubt there are a couple of benefits of hiring a freelancer for your home designing needs, but let’s not forget that there are a lot of disadvantages of hiring the same. The benefits that you are going to enjoy are lesser fee, modification of the design the way you want it to be, easy access to the architect, etc. However, the disadvantages would be inability of timely delivery of work if something wrong happens in the personal life of the architect, no backup if a fight or conflict arises between you and the architect, lack of experience that you expect the architect to have, no or lesser reviews of the architect on the internet, no or lesser presence of the architect on the internet, etc.

When it comes to an architecture firm, it is so popular that a lot of people already know about it. Most of the architecture firms have their portfolios to show to their clients and thus, satisfying your demands is not a bigger thing for them. In fact, if you have a challenging design in your mind, they would do everything to meet your needs. Also, they have several architects working under their roofs and thus, you always have a backup.

Clare Louise