Best CCTV to Install in the Office


A good number of offices now install CCTV cameras to improve surveillance and security. With the selling competition, a lot of sellers now give attractive packages, but some models can be expensive. The cost may depend upon the type of DVR, the number of cameras, and installation area to be covered. 

There are so many options available today in diverse price ranges. You can easily choose the best one considering your budget and needs. Let’s analyze some CCTV surveillance camera for offices to help you as a reference guide for your purchase. 


  • Bullet Cameras 


 Bullet CCTV cameras for office can be mounted on the ceiling or wall pointing at a certain area. They are designed for indoor use, but can also be used for outdoor purposes.  Its name stems from its sleek and thin cylindrical shape. Some bullet cameras are also waterproof. They are normally not designed for tilt/pan/zoom control and only capture images from a fixed area. 


  • Image Dome 


 These cameras derived their name from their dome-shaped housing in which they rest. The housing was designed to keep these cameras hidden and unobtrusive. Image dome cameras are mostly installed at offices and retail, where these cameras are meant to be visible but unobtrusive. The visibility serves two purposes: making patrons relax knowing that their office is being protected as well as an indication to intending criminals that they are being watched. Speed domes units allow their cameras to revolve within the housing. 


  • Infrared/Night Vision Cameras 


These cameras can see images even in pitch dark conditions using special IR LEDs. They are also utilized for mobile applications.

CCTV for an office isn’t quite costly, a technician from  would be able to give you an estimate after inspecting your building.