Fast, reliable and high performance retrofitting services

Every property owner wants to enhance the safety and security of their property so that the building can protect people from adverse natural calamities. But soft-story buildings, non-ductile concrete buildings, and buildings with 2 or more stories wood-frame construction could be dangerous for lives. Multi-level structure soft-story residential or commercial buildings which are located over a ground level with large openings such as parking, garage, storefront or expansive lobbies are more vulnerable to seismic event as their first floor is significantly weak in lateral load resistance than the stories above it. Hence remarkably large numbers of population perform soft story retrofit to ensure the safety of the lives and property.

Be well informed

Although soft story retrofit program has become mandatory in many earthquake-prone cities such as Los Angles before starting the project every property owner wants to know the rough estimated so that they can plan well. The cost and turnaround time of retrofit work largely depends on the building structure and the method used. The structural engineer will first analyze the building and then will create a site plan of buildings. After that one by one various processes will take place such as bringing the plans to the City Plan Checkers, providing the quote of construction to the clients, planning of construction and finally the construction work. Some reputable retrofit companies know that retrofit is an expensive undertaking hence provides free initial consultation and cost-effective solution to each client regardless of the size and complexity of the project.

Choose the best

Reliable retrofit companies understand that retrofit might interfere with the normal life schedule of their clients hence they strive to complete the work at earliest with perfection so that the property owner can get back to their normal life soon. For the smooth and satisfying end, result consider few aspects beforehand 

  • Check the authenticity and reputation of the company
  • Make sure that the company is insured
  • Ensure the experience and expertise of each team member such as engineer, architect, construction worker, etc.
  • Ask for previous client reference, success story and track record
  • Compare the cost of few reputable companies
  • Go through the gallery, portfolio, testimonials, blog, etc, on the website