How To Choose Right Composite Timber Decking

Composite is simply anything that is made of using more than one material. Composite Timber Decking is rapidly becoming people’s first choice. Composite wood is created by combining natural hardwood and synthetic material. The composite decking provides high-quality deck boards that look more classy and authentic as compared to the plastic decking.

What is Composite Decking?

It is a man-made product which is a mix of plastics, wood fibers and a small amount of the bonding agent. This type of decking is becoming popular and growing rapidly because it is eco-friendly. There are two types of composite decking available in the market:

  • Capped Boards
  • Uncapped Boards

Benefits of Composite decking

Composite Timber Decking is one of its kind. It has some very special features that make it stand out from the crowd. Here are some advantages of  using Composite decking:


Composite decking is highly durable. This deck is designed in a manner using mixed material which is scratch, stain, mold, and cracks resistant. This kind of decking is also splinter-free and insect-proof. These features make it safe and comfortable for anyone and give the kids the freedom to play anywhere without being worried.

Low maintenance

One doesn’t need to worry about the scratches, sanding, staining and painting with the composite decking. It is very easy to maintain this decking as one only needs soap and water to clean it. Only cleaning it properly will keep its beauty glowing for decades and will maintain its stability. It will look like the first day of installation forever if kept clean properly.


Composite decking never fails to impress one with the beauty and enhances the look of the place. It features a very high definition of wood patterns and rich warm colors. It has a wide range of colors available ranging from deep earth to pristine greys and spicy reds. One can choose a color according to the place. The homeowners can choose the patterns and colors and also the composite accessories including railings, stairs, pieces of furniture, gates and more. Homeowners can customize the space by choosing the accessories. Colors and patterns of the Composite Timber Decking.

Composite Decking provides many different features and benefits to the homeowner. This kind of decking is highly sustainable and durable. With all these strong features it never fails to impress with its classy authentic and beautiful looks. and as it is a man-made product it is always evolving.