How To Get Rid Of Spiders Naturally

Spiders are one of the most feared pests that are found at home. Spiders are not insects; they belong to a class called ARACHNIDA. Spiders are the most common members of the Arachnida.

One of the amazing thing about spiders is they are predators to insects. Therefore, they serve as a biological control to other pests. However, they are also as annoying as every other pest they feed on. Some breeds of spiders are extremely poisonous whilst others are fairly poisonous. A bite from a brown recluse (genus loxosceles), Australian funnel_web spiders or a black widow spider (genus Latrodectus) could cause a person with a certain type of allergies health issues that could send them to a hospital or even kill them.

It’s a good thing this poisonous breeds of spiders are not common in most part of the world. Unlike bees, wasps, and ants most members of the Arachnida class are usually not eusocial in nature. This explains why spiders are rarely found in groups. The fact that they are always alone makes it easy to kill them physically.

Though the method is rather debilitating and time-consuming. although there are several available products with the promise of getting rid of spiders most of these products are expensive.  Basically, most of these products are made with common organic matters such as lemon among others. Below is a list of natural technique to get rid of spiders

Lemon; Lemon is a very good option when it comes to getting rid of spiders and other insects. Spiders hate the potent smell of every citrus substance. We could use this to our advantage in preventing spiders from coming into our home or to make our home uncomfortable for them. There are many ways that we could use lemon to keep spiders away from your house. Some of which are;

Lemon furniture polish; using a lemon-scented furniture polish to clean your furniture, your door frame, windowsills will make the spiders, which are already leaving in such places abandon their post and it will stop others from going into the lemon-scented zone.

Lemon based soap; using lemon based soap for cleaning your home, makes your home uninhabitable to spiders

Essential lemon oil; you could also add essential lemon oil to your other cleaning product. Doing this will make your usual cleaning routine repel spiders. Just add a few drops to your mop water or your window cleaner.

Lemon rind; this method is best for outdoors situations. If you occasionally see spiders in your garden just peel a few lemons and place the rinds in the garden.

Lemon powder; to make it all you need to do is dry the peels of lemon. Then grind it to powder then apply to windows, doorframes, tables, chairs and any other suspected places. You could also mix it with water for it stick to the surface of what you want to apply it on.

Continuous application of lemon will also give you a result equivalent to the one you will get from other expensive products at a far cheaper rate. Another effective method of getting rid of spiders is to call an exterminator company near Greensboro NC.

HYGIENE: Most populations of spiders are found in dark, undisturbed places and cracks as a retreat in order to construct materials for their webs. Though they may sprout their webs in open places to capture their prey. With good hygiene, I bet you won’t have a reason to control their infestation

BIOLOGICAL METHOD; The biological method is another useful method of controlling pests in general. ‘’The TOM AND JERRY APPROACH’’. This method is all about getting a natural enemy of the pest (in this case the spider). This is just like telling the Joker to come to help you kill the batman, or telling doom’s day or telling Lex Luther to come and help you kill Superman. You will agree with me that they will do it for free. With the same context, we get a pet that hates the spider as much as you hate it. There are two natural enemies

Birds; If you love birds as much as I love birds then this is for you

Reptiles; If you have an affinity towards reptiles then get a Water Dragon (iguanas).

Good luck!!!