How to make money from illustrations

Illustrations are a unique division of art that incorporate visual explanations, graphical interpretation and decoration.

Illustrations are used to enhance available information and can be found in different media types. Illustrator is the title given to those who make illustrations.

As an art form, there are many ways that illustrators can make money with their skill. Here are a few.

Use their skills to market other businesses

All types of businesses require marketing. Illustrations provide a visual story of the business. Visual stories connect very well with the target audience. This connection then leads to an attachment with the business being advertised.

Since it’s been established that illustrations are better than text, they are sometimes included in a video advertisement.

Using their skills to help in the marketing of businesses, is one of the ways illustrators can make money.

Employment in the media industry

Most illustrators work together with graphic designers. Graphic designers are a staple of the media industry and thus illustrators. Newspapers usually have a cartoon column to comment on pertinent current issues. Illustrators are employed in these major media houses to do this important daily column.

Also, cartoon programs are a source of content and entertainment to both children and adults. Illustrators are hired in media houses to help create these cartoon programs.

Online sales

Illustrators can also make money by selling theirillustrations on online marketplaces. This means that the illustrator creates something appealing and puts it up for sale on their preferred online marketplace.

The Paper Collective is one such website that allows illustrators to earn a living by using their platform to showcase their product.

Opening up a studio

Like every other artist, illustrators can also open up their own studios. From here, they can source for corporate or individual clients to offer their services to. They can collaborate with different artists to offer a full art and illustration service to their clients.

They can get their clients in sectors such as media and small businesses.

Art licensing

This is another way that illustrators can make money with their illustrations. Licensing involves having other people use their illustrations on their products. For example, an illustrator can create a unique illustration that can be used by businesses to advertise and sell their products.

The business will have to pay the illustrator to use their illustration on their product for as long as they keep using it.

Qualities of a good illustrator

Must have some artistic talent

To make it in the illustration industry, you must at least have some artistic talent. This means that you can put pen or pencil to paper to create an amazing product in the form of drawing or painting. You should be able to tell a story by visual representation.

Be a good listener

A good illustrator is a good listener. This is because a good illustrator is one who is able to understand their client’s brief and convert it from words or a script to a captivating illustration. By listening well and producing as expected, your clients will refer you to others who need your services.

Keep up to date with technology

For efficiency and effectiveness, a good illustrator must keep up with technology. Illustration tools are keep changing with technology. It is therefore important that the illustrator ensures that they keep learning new tools and methods in their field of trade.

Changes in the industry are quite rapid. How illustration was done one or two decades ago is no longer the way it is done today.

Showcase your portfolio

A good illustrator should always have their portfolio ready. A professional online presence in this day and age is integral for marketing your skills.

A personal website and a social media presence are some of the most important product showcasing platforms that an illustrator can take advantage of. This will help them put their name and brand of work in the eyes and minds of potential clients.


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