How to Tell If a Mold Remediation Process is Done Professionally

No one likes mold on their property. The fungus gives your property a disagreeable and depressing look. The biggest problem, however, is not about mold messing up the appearance of your property, but its ability to make you sick. Mold is associated with disease-causing mycotoxins that you shouldn’t come into contact with.

Since mold likes invading wet places, it’s difficult to avoid it. Therefore, you are likely to find mold under the sinks, on the walls of your bathroom, and beneath the ceiling of leaking roofs. In the event that you have tried home remedies like ammonia and vinegar and they’ve failed to work, you should consider hiring a mold remediation professional.

It’s important, nonetheless, to understand that not all mold remediation professionals and companies are really professional. Some just want your money and will not do a satisfactory job. So, how can you know that the mold remediation process is professionally done? To answer this question, here are 5 important things the professionals you hire needs to do:

  1. Initial Site Inspection

When you give a mold remediation company a call, the first thing they do is send some experts to your place. The experts will primarily come to examine your site to determine the extent of the mold attack. They’ll come with advanced tools for inspecting mold, especially in areas you wouldn’t expect, including your basement, on the ceiling, and behind the walls. They actually do site inspections before giving you a budget estimate.

  1. Mold Testing and Reporting

Once the mold remediation professionals have visually examined your site, they’ll collect air samples to be taken to the laboratory for testing. The whole idea is to know the kind of mold they are dealing with. This helps them to come up with an effective treatment for the fungi and its ideal removal technique. To confirm that the testing has been done, you’ll receive a conclusive report from the company.

  1. Permanent Mold Removal

This is the highlight of professionalism in as far as mold remediation is concerned. The removal process is very elaborate and it’s characterized by physical and chemical techniques. Physically, mold is removed by cutting out infected parts, vacuuming, and surface cleaning. Chemically, the experts will use biocide, an EPA-approved mold killer. Though most people use bleach and ammonia, these two are not EPA-certified.

  1. Permanent Mold Disposing

When the mold is removed, it has to be totally disposed of to prevent a reinvasion. So, the mold remediation professional will put the mold in plastic bags. The bags will be sealed and taken for safe mold disposal.

  1. Professional Follow-Ups

Lastly, professionals always make follow-ups to ensure that the job was well done. So, expect the mold remediation company that you hire to send some experts over to you to check your site. If there’s something you are not happy about, you can talk to the expert about it during the follow-up.

So that you can be sure that you are not wasting money on mold remediation, it’s important to know what to expect from the remediation process. The above aspects are indications of a professionally-done mold remediation process. So, keep watch to see if the expert you hire will accomplish them.