Is Dryer Vent Cleaning Worth The Money?

Doing things DIY-style seems to be the trend nowadays. However, there are things are still better to be left in the hands of the pros — like dryer vent cleaning Manassas VA. In this article, we’ll talk about how this particular job is worth shelling out money for.

The Importance of Maintaining Dryers

Over the past decades, dryers have helped people dry their clothes way more efficiently. But like any other machine, they ought to be maintained and regularly cleaned to ensure they’re performing optimally.

Dryer vents, in particular, are prone to getting clogged — from the lint that comes off of clothes’ surface to dirt and debris that linger in the surroundings. If they are not cleaned, your dryer will be prone to fire accidents. Did you know that around 3,000 dryer fires are being reported every year? These incidents lead to property loss amounting to $35 million.

If you’re lucky enough to not let your house be engulfed by fire, you’ll still suffer from other consequences, like paying higher utility bills and getting your loved ones exposed to harmful gas fumes.

These are compelling reasons to convince you to never skip dryer vent cleaning Manassas VA. While it can be done DIY-style, it should still be maintained by experts periodically.

Why Hire Professional Cleaners

When it comes to cleaning dryers, there’s nothing to lose if you will hire professionals to do the job. Here’s why it’s worth the money:

They know what they’re doing. There are different types of dryers. Though they essentially work under the same principle, there are still differences among them that can be crucial to carry out the dryer-vent cleaning task effectively. Pros are trained to take on cleaning jobs on a wide range of dryers.

They have the tools. Some debris are simply too hard to remove with just household stuff. When you hire a pro to do the job, expect that they’d have the right set of tools to make sure that your dryer is thoroughly clean.

They have experience. With the experience they have under their belt, it will be more efficient for them to complete the cleaning process — from the inspection down to the very removal of dirt, lint, and debris.

Signs To Watch Out For

Granted that professional dryer vent cleaning Manassas VA is something you shouldn’t ignore — how do you know if it’s time to have your dryer cleaned and serviced? If you experience the following even after you’ve tried to address the issue yourself, it’s high time to get yourself a reliable dryer vent-cleaning pro:

Your dryer is too hot to touch. It’s normal for dryers to feel warm when they’re running, but when they overheat — it’s another story. A dryer that’s too hot to touch is in dire need of cleaning. Hire a pro before a dryer fire breaks out in your place.

You notice a burning smell. Even if you don’t touch your dryer, a burning smell it gives off is already an indication that there’s something wrong with your dryer.

Your clothes take too long to dry. This is a tell-tale sign that your dryer needs some serious cleaning. A significant build-up of debris is most probably hindering your dryer from performing optimally.

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Robbin Davdson