Is it worth Extending my House after I have just Decorated

You might be in declutter mode and feel like decorating your home so that it is more ordered. You’ve got things lying around everywhere and you want that calming, uncluttered look. Whether your house is small or large, there are amazing decorating opportunities for you to make use of every space.

Casual, Uncluttered Style

After getting really creative, you may have invested in some functional furniture too – instant storage with simple, but striking wall units, a bed that has large drawers in the base as well as built-in display shelves.

You may have implemented some easy, practical decorating ideas to your home and become so inspired that you feel like extending your home and making it even more functional.

Extending your Home and Protecting your Decor

You’re worried about your floors because just that small decorating project took its toll on some of your floors and furniture. For flooring protection, click here at FlorProtec as this is the answer to this problem, allowing you to get on with extending or renovating your home with peace of mind.

There are all kinds of protective, flame retardant products, in fact, each one designed to protect floors and your interior finishes during refurbishment projects. This can be a huge relief knowing that your beautiful wooden floors will benefit from breathable protection.

Building contractors may well be in and out, tramping dirt and debris over your floors and spilling things as the go, but your floors will remain intact.

Easy Living during Renovations

You may have surrounded yourself with things you love – comfy couches to kick back and relax on complete with stylish fabrics and beautiful scatter cushions. The thought of packing up all your beautiful new stuff is just too unbearable for words. But what about that new electrical wiring? What happens if a small fire breaks out and damages your floors or curtains?

Some time back it might have been a scenario for panic and despair but not today with modern products and services.

Everything is Protected – Doors to Window Sills

Floor protectors take care of all carpet types and the carpet protection range includes carpet protection film to ensure your carpets remain free of damaging dust and grit.
In fact, when you look around at everything in your home you’ll be interested in the House Builder Pack. There are so many different workers all trying to get through their work, and without proper home protection, you could expect damage to floors, curtains, window sills, furnishings, and doors.

It can be a relief knowing that there are awesome products – a wide range of protective products – that will prevent damage in and around your home. There are also plenty of tips and advice on how to stay safe and sane while your home undergoes its transformation.

Take Care of your Home and Make Renovation a Breeze

Extending- or renovating a home inevitably brings with it hazards and risks. Yes, insurance sometimes makes provision in their policies for damage during a renovation, but not always.

It’s way better to take all the precautions you can from some of those typical risks and threats that your home is exposed to during the building process.
Being prepared with excellent products will reduce your stress and ensure that your home renovations remain exciting and effortless.