The Aluminum Floor Mat, Your Everyday Ally

The choice of material is one of the main criteria to take into account when acquiring a company carpet. Aluminum will allow you to enjoy a number of benefits.

What Is An Aluminum Carpet

The aluminum mats consist of a strong aluminum structure and anti-fouling strips designed to promote the cleanliness of interiors. The carpet has a reps coating, textile fiber type, or polypropylene, optionally associated with a rubber coating that suits your pisos tipo madera.

Recessed in a pit or directly attached to the ground, the aluminum mat facilitates access to people and ensures impeccable hygiene. It is considered by many to be a high-end model, ideal for sending back to your customers the image of a serious, professional, and welcoming company.

The tapetes para negocio is one of the first elements your customers face, as long as it presents your business in the best light.

The Advantages Of Aluminum

To choose an aluminum carpet is to enjoy many advantages:

  • Easy maintenance: carpets can easily fold or roll-up. The dirt accumulated in the pit are quickly accessible. It is a guarantee of saving energy and time
  • Resistance to any test: the aluminum is a material known for its solidity. Your carpet will, therefore, withstand the repeated passages of pedestrians very well. Fastened by anchors and bolts, our carpets are durable
  • Improved hygiene: an ingenious collection system effectively removes dust and dirt. They remain trapped in a pit, ensuring the cleanliness of the carpet throughout the day

A Fully Customizable Rug

The aluminum carpets are fully customizable. They exist in standard size or can be customized. To emphasize the character of the architectural space, we also realize specific shapes perfectly adapted to your building.

Blue, gray, anthracite, red, black, or green: a wide spectrum of colors is at your disposal. Ideal for your carpet fits perfectly to the spirit and your pisos modulares.

Kevin Bodyy