Things to know before opting for customized window treatments!

Buying curtains and blinds for your home is super easy, thanks to endless décor stories and online sites. However, window treatments are more than just fabrics, and done right, this one aspect can transform the interiors and décor theme completely. Many interior experts, design gurus, and dealers, such as Store Urbain, recommend homeowners to go for customized window treatments. In this post, we are discussing if you should consider this choice for your home. 

The many benefits

No two windows are same, even in the same house. Position, size, and design of a window are key aspects for deciding on a treatment. For some rooms, using blinds becomes a necessity because the amount of light entering the area must be controlled, while for many homes, motorized window blinds are better for energy efficiency and better appeal. With customized window treatments, you can actually get the kind of theme and design that each window needs, without any compromises on functionality. 

Depending on the service or dealer you choose, you can select the theme, color, and all the other aspects that may have a bearing on the final look and aesthetic value. Also, ready curtains and blinds may not be ideal for every home, where window size and shapes are not as per standard norms. If you want a particular theme, color, or specific design, customized window treatment is the choice you have in the practical sense. 

How to go about it?

First and foremost, find a dealer who is experienced, well-known and has experience with customizing window dressings, curtains and blinds. In the ideal case, they will send their experts to your home, who will check for the possible aspects that need attention and would also want to know about your expectations and needs. Based on that, they may show samples or may invite you to their store to explore the choices. Once you have approved of the design and other things, measurements will be taken to complete the order. Depending on the kind of customized window treatment you select, you can expect to get the installation in about 15 days to a month. 

Estimates and more

There is no denying that customized window treatments can cost a tad more than standard curtains and blinds, but considering the benefits, the price is definitely worth paying. Also, don’t shy away from asking for an estimate in advance, so that you can compare all choices. 



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