Two Ways to Improve the Energy Performance of an Old house in Belfast Recommended by epc4less

Houses build in Belfast past 2002 have been conforming with the newest energy efficiency standards. However, the energy rating of houses built prior to 1920 would usually be low. Most homeowners of old homes in Belfast, reach out to epc4less, who as Domestic Energy Assessors, offer advice on the measures they can take to enhance the energy rating of their properties without having to break the bank. 

In this article, we’re going to look at two simple home improvements that do require the evacuation of properties. 

Combi and Condensing Gas Cylinder Installation

This is recommended to all homes using either an old regular oil boiler or an old regular gas boiler. Homeowners whose homes have access to mains gas in their locality should consider investing in a modern gas combi boiler. Note that condensing boilers in terms of efficiency outperform regular boilers. The cost for the supply and installation of a combi gas boiler ranges from £1500-£2500. However, if there is no gas supply in your locality, then replace your old regular oil boiler for a new condensing oil boiler. The good news about Combi boilers is that they produce instant hot water for both your kitchen and bathroom. This means you do not need a hot water cylinder. If you have a hot water cylinder then you can remove it creating more storage space. In Northern Ireland, oil boilers are usually located at the back of a house. Also present is an oil tank that supplies the boiler with fuel. Upon removal of the boiler and the tank you will have additional space in your rear garden. Likewise, once you remove the tank from the hotpress you can install your brand new combi condensing gas boiler there.

Setup New Heating Control Systems (HCS)

After 2006, all the properties built in Northern Ireland would have Programmer, a Wall Thermostat, and Thermostatic Radiator valves in each and every radiator. However, properties built at the start of the previous century would not have that. Take note of the following:

  • The Programmer lets the users of the property set time for the heat to come on and off. 
  • A Wall Thermostat is kept in the living room. In most cases, it reads 18 degrees Celsius. Once the room desired temperature is achieved, the heating goes off, and this saves on heating oil and gas. 
  • The Thermostat Radiator Valves abbreviated as TRV joined beneath the radiators also stops the flow of water via the radiator once the desired temperature is reached. By doing so, it minimizes hot water wastage. 

Houses built before the 1920s are less likely to have these solutions. Homeowners in possession of such homes should consider investing in heating control systems and upgrade their old oil regular boiler to condensing boiler. By doing so, they improve massively the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of the property. For prices on EPC Belfast search for available providers online.


Paul Petersen