Use Pest Control Services To Eliminate Infestations

Almost every home or business owner at some time has the need for pest control services like Nature’s Own Pest Control. Whether it’s a rodent infestation, cockroaches in the cabinets, mice in the kitchen, or termites in the attic, a professional pest control service can help. There are a variety of different services, some offer resolution for multiple pest problems, while others are more specific.

Mice and Rats

Some homes and businesses are susceptible to rat and mouse infestations. These pests are especially attracted to both human and animal food. Restaurants can find themselves overrun and even the cleanest homeowner can occasionally find a mouse in the kitchen or garage. While many people simply choose to get a cat or set out traps themselves, if the infestation is severe it can become a big problem. Mouse droppings can get into food, resulting in health code violations for restaurants. A service can help by providing long-term rodent extermination measures. These can include live traps, where the mouse or rat is release outside once caught or traps that result in the death of the animal. Poisons can also be an effective method of rat and mouse control.


Roaches are more common in some areas than others. They prefer hot and humid climates, but some are seen in northern areas. They can be particularly difficult to get rid of, as they can easily hide and lay eggs in hidden spaces. It is almost impossible to starve out roaches, as they can survive for months with no food and even a couple of weeks without water. Even a pest service may take a few months to eliminate the infestation. This is often done using bait and insecticide to draw out roaches and kill them. Usually all food sources need to be made inaccessible to the bugs and any entry points should be sealed.


Earwigs, commonly referred to as pincher bugs, are a common household and business infestation. They are usually harmless, but can eat leaves and rotting wood, which can cause damage to buildings and landscaping. They thrive in damp areas, so it is often best to eliminate any damp spaces, especially in areas such as crawl spaces. There are many home remedies to eliminate earwigs, but the best way is to have a professional ensure that the infestation is treated and eliminated.


Fleas often are carried into a home or business via animals, such as cats and dogs. Fleas can make pets and humans miserable. Obviously, the first place to start is taking the animal to the vet. A flea infestation can then be treated in the home or business. Fleas like to infest carpet, bedding, and furniture. Similar to earwigs, there are numerous home remedies but often is it best to ensure that the fleas are gone by enlisting the help of a professional.

Spiders and Ants

Ants are similar to roaches and mice, as they are attracted to food, especially food that has fallen on the floor or is left uncovered. Spiders will pretty much make a home anywhere, and while many people are not bothered by them, certain species of spider are dangerous. Also, no one wants to visit a business that has been infested with spiders. Ants are able to crawl through tiny spaces that humans might not be aware of. Sprays and bait are usually the most effective against spiders and ants. Many choose to catch and release spiders outside. Like the other pests on this list, the best way to eliminate spider and ant infestation is to hire a professional. Pest control services have numerous ways to eliminate bugs and other pests from a home or business with little disruption to customers, employees, and household routines.