Warning signs you need to replace the roof


A sturdy and reliable roof over your head is one of the safest things. However, what if the roof suffers from potential problems. All of us look forward to having a solid roof to increase warmth, coziness and to keep away leaks. But, there are times when your roof is prone to problems as well. Hence, in situations like this, you should pay proper attention to your roof. 

Some of the biggest warning signs that indicate about you needing a new roof include the following

Your roof is about to complete 25 years

Although this is not a problem, with age, roofs tend to become weak and eventually prone to several damages. If you have an asphalt roof, you should know that it will last only 20 to 30 years. Roofs exceeding the limit of 25 years indicate that there may be some problem even if they appear completely fine. If your roof is about to complete 25 years, it is necessary that you replace it. 

Cracked shingles

Cracked shingles may not appear to be dangerous but they are. Shingles are usually cracked due to wind damage. If your shingled roof has few damages, it is fine and convenient to replace them. However, if the crack is spread across a wide area, it is a clear indication that you need a new roof. You should prefer changing the cracked shingles within two or three years to avoid any major accident. 

Sagging roof

The sagging roof itself is a matter of concern for it indicates an underlying issue. As soon as you notice any sagging roof, you should prefer reaching out to a roof installation company. Although the sagging roof isn’t something to be worried about completely, not taking care of it in time can make it extremely difficult to manage. Thus, reaching out to experts as soon as you observe the sagging roof can be pretty helpful. 

Sunlight through a crack on the roof

Anyone noticing a crack on the roof knows that it is a dangerous sign. If the crack is big enough to allow light to pass through, it is also big enough to allow snow, rain and cold air to pass through. Before reaching out to experts, you should prefer checking if there are any water stains or not. Based on the extent of damage, you should prefer repairing it. As a result, you should call out experts as soon as you notice them.

Several signs indicate that your roof needs replacement. Hence, you should prefer buying strong roof which isn’t prone much damage. Roof Star roofing is one of the most efficient companies to reach out to.