What Are The Different Types of Architecture?

Architecture starts from scales and geometrical instrument from a small working office or room and can go up to an entire city. It involves planning, designing, developing, monitoring and supervising, presenting and many other activities. The architecture is an art of building as well as a science of constructing and require adequate knowledge, skills, competencies, efficiencies and experience to demonstrate artistic and creative constructions. The contemporary architecture has modern components like graphic design, product design and also game design to incorporate in the architecture to ensure most durable, creative and modern constructions. An architect can be a jack of all trades or can be specialised in one specific architectural profession to suit the needs of numerous builders’ needs. Find your suitable architects in Stendel + Reich architecture form who can provide you with professional architectural services for your constructions.

The different types of architecture include seven basic types of architectural segments namely (1) residential architecture, (2) commercial architecture, (3) interior designer, (4) green design architecture, (5) landscape architecture, (6) urban design architecture, and (7) industrial architecture.

The residential architecture has emerged mainly from the industrial revolution which has resulted in beautiful residential houses which can be called as the outcome of residential architecture. The residential architects deal with the people who want to construct their houses with their customised designing. The residential architecture takes care of the spatial and functional needs followed with designing of plans, layouts, and then the elevation. A residential architect articulates the costs or budget including the expenses of materials and services along with the estimated time for finishing or completing the construction.

All buildings or structures meant for commercial purposes like the shopping mall, commercial office spaces etc. come under commercial architecture. The commercial architecture requires a lot of careful and efficient designing as well as engineering in the construction of such shopping mall where the users can easily find their way in and out without any complications. A commercial architect must be well equipped and adequately knowledgeable with components like building codes, safety regulations as well as the costs of constructions etc.

The interior designing in itself is an autonomous wing of architecture and often people see interior as well as exterior designing separately from architecture. However, interior designing without the architecture cannot move forward because architecture creates spaces for the interior, as well as, exterior designing. An interior designer articulates or designs the interior of an apartment, or a restaurant or an office and has expert knowledge on the required materials, colours, fabrics, designs of furniture as well as the costs and expenditures including estimated time to complete the interior designing.