Los Angeles has always been at high alert for an earthquake. The main problem is the memory of the past’s earthquake. In 1994, a heavy earthquake struck Los Angeles and took many lives. The government is now much concerned about the safety of its citizens. The plan includes surveying different places across Los Angeles to make sure that the buildings are strong enough to bear an earthquake. The lives of people are much more important, and it must be the top priority of the government. It should also be noted that a huge amount was also wasted due to the destruction caused by these earthquakes. That is why the retrofit program is launched in the U.S, especially Los Angles.

Check if your building requires retrofitting or not:

The government has surveyed and analyzed different parts of the city. The results say that soft-story buildings are most vulnerable to damage during a possible earthquake. An earthquake can cause destruction in these buildings and cause more harm. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze if your building is a soft story building or not. Following is the information provided by the government in this regard:

  • A wooden building having more than two stories is included in the list of soft-story buildings.
  • The buildings which are constructed before 1978 are also called soft story buildings because these buildings have higher chances of damage due to their age. The type of building material, in this case, does not matter.
  • A building in which the ground floor has a vast space is also included in soft story buildings. The reason is that the top stories do not have enough support, and there are chances of after-effects of the earthquake on the top stories.

If your building is one of the above, you must take measures according to the soft-story retrofit program.



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