What is the difference between a wooden and normal toilet seat?

A question that you would ask yourself when installing a toilet seat is whether moulded wood or just plastic. Traditional toilets seats are mostly made of plastic. In most cases, plastic is chosen over wood and this is because of various reasons that will be discussed in this article. To begin with, there isn’t a significant difference between the temperature felt whether the toilet seat is made of plastic or wood. Generally, plastic looks better, and it lasts longer whereas wood is not that durable despite the fact that it does not scuff easily. Again, wooden toilet seats are cheaper and as the saying goes ‘cheap is expensive’ they tend to crack easily. However, there is a new product which is a hybrid plastic, that is denser than the regular plastic and it tends to be more durable and stronger.

How to Choose the Material for your Toilet Seat

The main materials are two: wood and plastic. The type of material that a person chooses for their toilet seat matters a lot. There are different reasons why a person would settle for a certain material instead of the other. For example, if a person wants a more decorative seat they will often choose wood whereas those who want a material that has the best cleaning and hygiene properties will end up choosing plastic.

Differences between Wooden Toilet Seats and Normal Ones

There are obvious differences between a toilet seat made of wood and another one made of plastic. Some of these reasons make one option the best compared to the other. Here are some comparisons between the two materials:

  • Size and weight-most toilets are made of moulded plastic which is lightweight in general and as a result these seats are cold and uncomfortable to some people. As for wooden seats, they are usually made of solid wood which can be oak or medium-density fibre-board. They are then painted white, but they are heavier. Wooden toilet seats usually add more design quality to a washroom and that is why some people prefer them
  • Durability and installation-for the installation both wood and plastic toilet seats there is no difference. The only difference is that plastic toilet seats tend to last longer than wooden one. Wood is a natural product and it degrades faster especially if it is in a bathroom. Wood seats also tend to get discoloured and the paint might chip off. In most cases, wood seats are usually made with four pieces and over time these pieces can separate.
  • Hygiene-plastic toilet seats are more hygienic compared to wooden ones. Wooden seats have a finish applied to them but despite this they need to be cleaned from time to time. In short, a wooden seat requires intense care so as to remain sanitary.
  • Maintenance and cleaning-while cleaning a wooden seat a person needs to be more cautious. Again, the cleaning of such seats is more detailed compared to that of cleaning a traditional toilet seat. Since wood degrades faster, you might need to carry out maintenance services on a regular basis.