What Kind of Door You Have To Use for Security

Alarm systems are also very practical. In case of break-in, it is possible to be notified by SMS. A team of security guards can also be on site at short notice to handle the intruder. While these devices have a cost, they are very effective in discouraging potential burglars.

Thus, by renovating your front door, you add a degree of serenity to your home. By choosing the right material, technical options and an alarm system, you eliminate the risk of intrusion. Always remember to secure other points of entry, such as windows (ground floor, cellar, garage) for example. 

The front door is a central architectural element on the frontage guaranteeing the identity of your house, where you find the civic address and the mailbox. It is at this door that people knock to meet you, just as it is through this door that you welcome your guests. It’s up to you to choose the door that opens and closes your home, taking into account where you live.

What are the functions of the front door?

At the base, an entrance door must be able to close and to block in order to prevent the intrusion of any individual, animal or other. This outside opening must be insulated to block cold drafts and retain heat in the house. Added to this is the soundproofing, so as not to hear the outside noise and ensure the discretion of the residents who are inside, not to mention the decorative function that gives style to your home.

  • The gateway must also meet a dual security function against fire and against intruders. Some models have been created to resist fire longer. The resistance of the fire doors slows the passage of the air that feeds the fire, which limits the damage. Reinforced or armored doors delay intrusions. According to statistics, 80% of burglars go through the front door.
  • It is advisable to install a lock that meets ANSI / BHMA safety standards and CAN / CGSB-12 certified glazing. 1-M90, if your door is glazed. The glasses are classified into 3 levels (R1, R2 and R3) according to their increasing resistance to opening attempts, from 5 to 15 minutes.

What are the gateway models?

Looking for a massive looking gateway that looks safe? Go for the full door. Do you find this style hard and austere? Opt for the semi-glazed door to let in a jet of light. These heavy and opaque aspects are incompatible with your need for lightness and aesthetics? The glazed entrance door, safe thanks to glass manufacturing processes, will pour light into your home, like an additional window. You can still have your original entryway shielded.


Paul Petersen