When It Comes To Wall Paneling Quality Counts

Wall panels are a decorative addition to the interiors of your house. These could be put up to beautify your living room, dining room, or bedrooms, for example. They are also used in bathrooms sometimes, as an affordable alternative to tiles, or to hide pipes.

Wall paneling was originally meant to provide insulation to houses, rather than just make them look good. Over a period of time, the plain panels transformed into framed paneling with carved designs.

Earlier, it was mostly wood that was used for paneling, but in the past decade, a huge variety of materials has been made available- vinyl, plywood, fabric, chipboard, fiberboard, hardboard, pegboard, or PVC. These allow homeowners to get more customized options to match the style and color of their home décor.

If you are planning to install new wall paneling in your home, these important tips will help you get high quality, neat, and beautiful results.


  • Research before you choose


With such a large variety of material, style, design, and color options available in the market today, you may get confused while selecting panels for your home walls. 

While an interior designer could help you choose, you need to do a thorough research on the types of panels available.

The wall paneling you finalize, is going to remain in your house for many years, so choose wisely.


  • Understand the benefits of wall paneling


Wall paneling is not just meant to give your walls a designer appeal. What to know about wall paneling is that it is actually beneficial for protecting the walls. It increases the life of the walls and also helps in hiding small flaws or marks.

Wallpapers or paint need regular maintenance. Wall panels though, resist impact, so that your walls will remain scratch marks and indentation free.

Moreover, installation of wall panels is pretty easy. Modern panels often have a tongue and groove or a clip and rail system, which makes the installation process very simple.


  • Do not imitate what has been done in another house


Wall paneling will make your rooms look bigger, brighter and elegant only if you choose the right panel colors, the correct sizes and textures. These have to complement your furniture, upholstery, and flooring. Something that has been done in your neighbor’s or friend’s house may not work for you.

Choose light colors too. Wall paneling need not always be dark. It can make your rooms look too heavy and small. You can even choose panels that only go up 3/4th of the wall instead of covering it completely from top to bottom.


  • Think about modifications and DIY


Wall panels add an extra layer over existing walls making them thicker than before. So, you may need to modify windows or door jambs accordingly.

Installation of wall paneling can be taken up as a DIY project. If you have all the right tools and panels that are correctly sized, you can install wall panels on your own but wear all the required safety gear. 


Paul Petersen

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